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Why cheap isn’t always best

Written by Colin Thomas (Estimator/Sales & Marketing)

Six months ago I commenced employment with Amma Steelworks to help improve our customer sales and processes. I quickly learnt that for some customers, price is the single most important factor in doing business.

We never promise to be the cheapest (although we are competitive) and we definitely aren’t ‘price driven’. However we do promise to be the best at what we do, and provide quality precise fabrication, whilst delivering a high-level service that’s unique within the industry.

I’ve come to this conclusion: cheapest isn’t always best. There are times we miss out on projects because customers have decided to go with the cheapest. But whats the cost if the project is not done right? Often it’s those same customers who come back to us to help turn their projects around, fix incorrect or inadequate steel, and more.

Recently I visited a job site for some near completed apartments, however the structural steel had been knocked back nine times (their cheap quote is not so cheap anymore!). To fix the steel meant cutting through floor joists, temporary propping of beams, access holes through walls and snipping electrical wiring. Cheap isn’t always best.

I often hear this from customers before they proceed with orders: I don’t want any problems and I don’t want to be hit with hidden costs. I like hearing this because it provides me with the opportunity to promote our values driven company which puts YOU the customer first.

So what does Amma guarantee to our customers?

1. A competitive quote within 72 hours maximum
2. No hidden costs
3. Quality fabrication using Australian grade steel (not imported steel)
4. 15 years warranty (not 7 like others)
5. On time fabrication and installation
6. A company you’ll find a pleasure to work with (we are here for YOU)
7. And we get it right for you

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